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       Discover Bible Guides Canada

Welcome to: Discover Bible Guides Canada. We hope you find the Guides helpful in coming to know Jesus and His love for you! May the Holy Spirit guide you in the study of His Word!

The Discover Bible Guides will help you learn from your Bible. You may study each Guide at your own speed in the privacy of your home. Have a good look around our Bible School, and start work on your first lesson any time.

There are two sets of lessons:

1. The Basic "Discover" Bible Guides: These guides take you through the main subjects of the Bible. It is recommended that most people study these guides first!

2. The Advanced "Focus on Prophecy" Study Guides: This is an advanced course taking you through the exiting prophecies of the Bible as found in Daniel and Revelation. It is expected that you already understand the concepts found in the basic "Discover" Guides.

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