In heaven, will we sit around on clouds all day and play harps?
3. Read Isaiah 65:21, 22. What are some activities people will be doing?
    building houses
    fighting with each other
    enjoying their work

   The Bible does mention harps in heaven, but nowhere does it describe a bunch of bored saints sitting around on clouds. Instead, it describes Godís people doing real activities like building mansions and planting gardens. In other words, there will be tons of meaningful things to do. If you enjoy doing new things, learning, and creating, then youíll love heaven.
     What will animals be like in heaven?
4. Read Isaiah 11:6-9 and choose the best answer.
 They will kill and eat each other.
 They will avoid people.
 They will be peaceful and gentle.

     Will sin ever spoil heaven?
5. Read Revelation 21:27 and choose the best answer.
 People will sometimes sin in heaven.
 Heaven will never have anything sinful, unclean, or dishonest.
 There will be just as much sin as here on earth.