Signing off

   “Hurry, Dad!” Kathy whined. “Can’t you drive any faster?”
   “I’m going the speed limit. That’s as fast as I drive.”
   “But I can’t wait to see San Diego.”
   “Yeah,” Kathy’s brother, David, spoke up, “me either. Hurry up, Dad. I want to see Sea World.”
   “And the beach!” Kathy added.
   “Settle down, kids,” Dad said with a smile. He was happy they were so anxious to see the city he had chosen for their vacation. “We’ll get there soon enough.”
   For Kathy and David, “soon enough” would never be soon enough. For six months they had been studying books and
photo albums of San Diego. Now they were finally going to visit it for real.
   Kathy stared out the window. Once in a while she’d spot a sign that advertised the distance left to travel—222 miles.
   Will we ever get there? Kathy wondered. “Dad, how long does it take to drive 222 miles?
   “About four hours, honey. Just be patient.”
   “Four hours!” Kathy gasped. “David will have a mustache by the time we get to San Diego.”
   “But I don’t shave yet,” David protested.
   “That’s my point,” Kathy said. “We’re never going to get there.”
   “Just watch for the signs,” Dad encouraged.
   Soon another sign read “San Diego—152 miles.”
   As the family neared San Diego, Kathy noticed that the signs appeared more frequently.
   “I can tell we’re almost there, Dad.”
   “How do you know?”
   “Just read the signs! Now they’re everywhere!”
   We as Christians are traveling toward a city that’s much