Not everyone will be excited to see Jesus coming back. Those who chose not to accept His loving gifts of forgiveness and salvation will feel afraid and guilty. When they see Him coming, they’ll try to run and hide from Him! It’s sad to think of it, but Jesus won’t be able to take those people to heaven to live with Him forever.
5. On that day, what will happen to our bodies? (Philippians 3:20-21)
 Jesus will change them to be like His body.
 They will be destroyed.

   Our bodies will be perfect again, the way God created them. We will never get sick or die any more.
6. On that day, what will Jesus bring for you? (2 Timothy 4:8)
 a new pair of shoes
 a crown
 a book of His teachings
   Jesus brings a crown that is a symbol of victory over sin. He will bring it to you, not because you defeated sin, but because He did. The battle with sin will be over. You’ll never fail again. You will wear the crown because Jesus earned it on the cross for you.