We shout, “It’s Jesus! It’s Jesus!” Crying and laughing at the same time, we hug each other and sing.
3. Look up Isaiah 25:9 and read a song we'll be singing on that day. What word best describes the feelings expressed in this song?

   Closer and closer Jesus rides towards earth. With a shout that shakes the world, Jesus commands the dead, “Awake, my children who sleep in your graves.” The blasts of angels’ trumpets become louder as the dusty covers of millions of caskets are thrown back, and the sleeping friends of God wake up.
   Mrs. Charles can exclaim, “No more arthritis! No more glaucoma! No more wheelchair! A new heavenly body! Jesus is here at last!”
   Fascinated by the smile of Jesus, we gaze on His flowing hair and beaming face. He turns toward us, His husky arms and scarred hands outstretched in welcome. Eyes brimming with tears of joy, He exclaims, “I told you I would come again for you!”
   Then Jesus whisks us into the sky. Higher and higher! Faster and faster! The world shrinks beneath our soaring feet. And the One who would rather die than live without us welcomes us home to heaven.
   That will be quite a day, wouldn’t you agree? Jesus’ coming will affect everyone!
4. Read Revelation 1:7 and answer this question.
True or False: Some people living on earth when Jesus returns will not see Him.