Dr. Darcy put me on. Pastor, you go back to bed. Im sorry. Good night.
   It would be great if Jesus had come that night and taken Mrs. Charles to Heaven. It would be great if God had destroyed her wheelchair that evening. And erased her wrinkles. And healed her glaucoma. And restored the bounce in her step as she sailed upward.
   It would be great if we could make all things new, but we cant. Only God can. So we hold to His promise: I will come back.
1. Find that promise in John 14:1-3. Why did Jesus say Hes coming back?
 to take us to be with Him
 to punish evil people
 to die for our sins again
   Imagine that day. A black cloud floats into view in the eastern sky. We stare at the cloud as it grows bigger and bigger. Closer and closer. Brighter and brighter. The flaming cloud expands to fill the heavens. Now it burns a brilliant white.
   Suddenly the cloud bursts into song! Angels of light sing a song that makes our senses tingle. Then all of heaven explodes as the cloud opens up to reveal Jesus, the Son of God!