You see, the Bible teaches that a living being (“soul” in KJV) consists of two things: the dust of the earth and the breath of God (see Genesis 2:7). Take away one of the two elements, and by definition you no longer have a living being. Or think of
strawberry shortcake. By definition, you need two things for this dessert: strawberries and shortcake. Take away the fruit, and all you have is cake. Take away the cake, and all you have is fruit. Similarly, when someone dies, the dust returns to the ground, and the breath (spirit) returns to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7). Take one without the other, and you don’t have a living being.
1. a. Fill in this diagram based on Genesis 2:7.
     Body + __________ = living being (“soul” in KJV)

    b. Death is a temporary state for those who believe in Jesus; it lasts only until Jesus comes back. That’s what Jesus explained to Martha in John 11:25. What did Jesus say will happen to those who die believing in Him?
    They will live.
    They will stay in their graves forever.
    They will become ghosts.
    If someone you love dies, don’t think that Jesus doesn’t care. Jesus cares deeply. In fact, we are told that when He arrived at the tomb of Lazarus, He cried. When you hurt, Jesus cries with you. And someday He will restore to life everyone who believes in Him.