posed earlier—but with much different results. “So what will happen when my mom dies?” When Damon asked it, everyone participated in discussing the answer. Together they turned to John 11 and explored the story of Jesus and Lazarus.
    If you have ever wondered what
happens when someone dies, then check out the story for yourself. Let’s take a look at what the youth group came up with that morning.
    Martha was upset! She blamed her brother’s death on Jesus. “Lord,” she complained, “if You had been here, my brother would not have died” (verse 21). Later Mary echoed the same idea (see verse 32).
    Why are we often tempted to think that if someone dies, then God has forgotten us? Like Martha, we tend to think that if a person is following Jesus, then he or she shouldn’t die. It’s true that Jesus taught that believers would never die (see verse 26). What He was talking about is living with Him forever—not merely our death on this earth. Death in this world is more like a temporary separation between strawberries and shortcake. Hmmm, maybe that needs some explanation. . . .