The students were as hyper as hummingbirds while the
teacher tried to engage them in conversation.
    “Our lesson this week explores what happens when someone dies,” Mr. Cruz said. “Have any of you ever been to a funeral?”
    A discussion with myself would have been more interactive, Mr. Cruz thought. No one is paying attention.
    Then Damon, a visitor, spoke.
    “Soon I’ll be going to my mom’s funeral.”
    Silence swallowed the room. The twitching kids froze like statues in shock.
    “Uh . . . I . . . um . . .” the teacher stammered, “how long does the doctor give her to live?”
    “Less than three months.”
    “I am so sorry,” Mr. Cruz offered.
    Damon stared at his Reeboks. “She knows Jesus, so we believe that she will go to heaven when Jesus comes, but it’s real hard right now.”
    Then Damon asked the same question Mr. Cruz had