A writer named Rosa Veal tells of meeting Ruby Free, a remarkable woman with a secret. “I met her when she was conducting a Holy Land tour. ‘She must have a secret,’ I said to myself enviously. ‘How else can she accomplish so much, so easily?’ She was a good listener, a troubleshooter, an organizer, and a mother-hen to seventy-two tourists—yet she was never tired.
    “Then I visited Ruby. And I think I discovered her secret. There it was—a two-word motto over her sink: ‘Yes, Lord.’ ”
    That’s a great motto for all of God’s followers. “Yes, Lord.” Because they enjoy a close friendship with Him, their prayer will be: “Since Jesus kept the Sabbath and wants me to follow His example, then, ‘Yes Lord!’ ”

    Dear Father, I choose to follow Your example and keep your Sabbath holy. Whatever You ask me to do, my answer is: “Yes, Lord!” In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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