Nothing we do can add to what Jesus has done. His death on the cross makes us friends with God again.
    The Sabbath is the ideal response to this gift. When God finished His work at Creation, He created the Sabbath for rest.
    The Sabbath reminds us to rest from our impossible struggle to be good enough to be saved and to stop trying to earn our right to heaven. Every week God places before us the gift of the Sabbath as a reminder to rest. Just enjoy being with your Friend, Jesus.
    Justin’s Boy Scout troop posted its rules:
    Rule 1: No firearms or explosives allowed at any Boy Scout activity.
    Rule 2: Lock the gymnasium if you’re the last one to leave.
    Rule 3: Pay your monthly dues.
    Rule 4: Attend all meetings.
    Rule 5: Wear your uniform to all events.
    Justin understood why they had all the rules. Except one. He understood why firearms and explosives were banned. He had seen enough terrorist bomb explosions on television news reports. He knew the damage they created.
    And Rule 2 made sense. What Boy Scout couldn’t remember the time George forgot to lock the back door and the gym was vandalized by neighborhood hoodlums? Right down the list—all the rules made sense. Except one.
    “Why do we have to wear these crazy uniforms?” Justin asked the scoutmaster.
    “Because it’s a symbol of your loyalty to Boy Scouts,” Mr. Nate responded.