“Absolutely! I wouldn’t miss it.” Josh knew that Randall’s birthday parties were not-to-be-missed extravaganzas. Who could forget Randall’s party last year, when an ice cream delivery truck had shown up loaded to capacity with every flavor and every kind of ice cream bar you could imagine—and you could
pick your favorite? And then there was the year Randall’s parents had the presents delivered in a helicopter.
    “We’re going to rent Kongo Kingdom before it even opens!” Randall explained.
    “You’re kidding! You mean we’ll have the roller coaster all to ourselves?”
   “And the Super Slide and the Tea Twister and the Gravity Grabber and the—well, at least until the park opens at eleven that morning.”
    “Too cool!”
    Josh was so pumped about the party he could hardly sleep that night. Not only did Randall host the best parties in town, he was also Josh’s closest buddy. When Josh’s parents divorced, Randall had come to the rescue and offered the support of a true friend. If it weren’t for Randall, Josh was sure he would have flunked English class last year. And it was Randall who showed up when Josh’s grandpa died. For Josh, there was no one he’d rather spend a day with than Randall.
    For Jesus, there’s no one He’d rather spend a day with than you. That’s because He is the closest Friend you