Another important part of the Lordís Supper is washing one anotherís feet. In Jesusí time servants washed their masterís feet because they would be dirty from traveling. The reason many Christians still practice footwashing at the communion service is because Jesus did it. Itís a great reminder to show our love for others by serving them.
6. Read John 13:1Ė17 and check each statement that you think is a good reason for practicing footwashing when we take part in the communion service.
 It shows that we are clean from sin through faith in Jesus.
 It represents our desire to serve others, much like Jesus served his disciples.
 It represents a rebaptism.
 It is a good way to develop a humble attitude before eating the bread and drinking the wine.

   All of the reasons listed above are valid reasons to participate in washing one anotherís feet before the Lordís Supper. But it doesnít stop there. Our love for Jesus should overflow in practical acts of service every day!
   The next time you are present at the Lordís Supper, picture Jesus washing His disciplesí feet. Imagine Him hanging on the cross. Think about the power of Jesusí resurrection. Just focus on Jesus! And donít forget to say ďThank YouĒ by giving your tithes and offerings and by serving others.