Tithe is one-tenth of a person’s income or earnings. God says that the tithe belongs to Him. Actually, God is owner of everything (see Psalm 24:1), but He specifically asks for ten percent of our income.
   Test your understanding of this concept of tithe by solving the following case study:
   “Can you mow our lawn while we’re gone on vacation?” Mr. Wade asked.
“We’ll be gone for the entire month of August, so you’ll need to mow it four times. I’ll pay you $25 each time.”
   “Sure,” said Kirk. “I’ve been saving up for a new BMX bike. This job will net me enough cash to finally be able to buy it.”
   “Great!” Mr. Wade replied.
   Kirk faithfully cared for the yard. When the Wades returned from vacation, Kirk got paid $100. His pocket bulged with cash.
   Before Kirk purchased the bike, however, he wanted to give tithe back to God. Because he was so thankful that Jesus died for him on the cross, Kirk wanted to express his gratitude by doing what He asked.