All that mattered was that she get close to Jesus, the guest of honor. She brought a gift for Him, a treasure way beyond her budget, but that didn’t matter, either. All that mattered was that she deliver her gift.
   Mary had been an immoral person, but Jesus had forgiven her and helped her start a better life. Now she wanted to do something to show her gratitude.
   Spotting Jesus in the dining room, she made a beeline straight to Him. In her hand was a bottle of the most expensive perfume she had ever bought. It was intended to be used only a drop or two at a time. But Mary emptied the entire bottle! She doused Jesus’ feet with the perfume.
   In Jesus’ time, putting perfumed oil on a guest’s feet was a special act of honor. But Mary did even more. Over and over she kissed His feet and wiped them with her long hair. She was so thankful for His kindness to her that she wanted to do something very special.
   Meanwhile, the guests scowled. The host publicly humiliated her by bringing up her bad reputation. But Jesus told him, “Leave her alone. Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing for me. Wherever the