Dear Pastor Karl, Iím a boy, twelve years old. My question is this: Why do we have to obey rules? Sincerely, Sick of Rules.
Dear Sick,
   Imagine this. What if a gang of boys snuck into town at 2 A.M. and started tearing down or turning around all the traffic signs? What if they ripped out the stop signs and turned around the oneway signs? What if one of the kids was a computer whiz and knew how to make all the lights turn green at the same time?
   You can imagine what would happen the next day when everybody started driving to work and school. Because of the messed-up traffic signs and lights, there would be a lot of accidents. Some people might even die on the highway because they drove onto the freeway going the wrong direction. The whole city would be confused and upset because the rules were not there to protect them.
   Rules guide us and protect us. Thatís the reason God (and parents, teachers, police officers, and others) blesses us with them.
                                                                         ĖPastor Karl