Jesus taught the importance of keeping the Ten Commandments. One time a young businessman came to Jesus and asked, “What do I have to do in order to go to heaven?”
   Jesus said, “Obey the commandments.”
   “Which ones?” the businessman asked.
   Jesus listed several of the Ten Commandments—don’t murder; don’t steal; honor your parents; and others. The businessman claimed that he was keeping the Ten Commandments and that he always had.
   But then the story takes an interesting twist. When Jesus pressed him to live out the spirit of the commandments and give up his great wealth to help the poor, he crumpled under the challenge.
   In the end, keeping the commandments is about more than just following certain behaviors; it’s about showing
amazing love of Jesus to others. Jesus said that keeping the commandments is about “abiding” or “remaining” in His love. That means we live with a constant awareness that Jesus loves us no matter what, and then we model that same love to people everywhere. Now that’s a really secure way to live!