Some of Godís most important rules for living a healthy Christian life are found in the Ten Commandments. Read these commands in Exodus 20:3-17.
The first two commandments guide our friendship with God and the way we worship Him.
      a. (verse 3).
      b. (verses 4-6).
The third and fourth commandments define our relationship to Godís name and to His holy day.
      a. (verse 7).
      b. (verses 8-11).
Commandments five and seven protect the family.
      a. (verse 12).
      b. (verse 14).
Commandments six, eight, nine, and ten safeguard our friendships.
      a. (verse 13).
      b. (verse 15).
      c. (verse 16).
      d. (verse 17).
2. List the commandments in order:
 Example: a,b,c,.....
a. Don't lie.
b. Don't worship idols.
c. Treat God's name with respect.
d. Be faithful to your husband or wife.
e. Don't envy other people.
f. Keep the Sabbath day holy.
g. Put God first.
h. Don't steal.
i. Don't murder.
j. Honor your parents.