So how do we get the “oil treatment”? Remember, our goal is to stay close to Jesus. If Jesus is going to live in us through the Holy Spirit, we must engage in those activities that put us in His presence.
   But what, specifically, are those activities? One way to remember what they are is to think of STP oil treatment. STP oil treatment is a fluid that people can put into their car engine to make it run better. If you check out the company’s website,, you’ll see their sales pitch: “From 1954 to today, STP® products are specially formulated to help you get the most out of your vehicle.”
   If you’re interested in getting the most out of your friendship with Jesus, then remember the letters STP. Focus on doing these three activities that put you into the presence of Jesus.

   The first activity is to study God's Word, the Bible.
3. Read John 1:1-5 and complete this sentence: “In the beginning was the ______________”.
This text describes Jesus as “the Word.”
So when we study the Word, that’s simply a fancy way of saying we’re spending time with Jesus! It means digging in the Bible to learn more about the One who loves us enough to die for us.
   The more you learn in the Bible about how much Jesus loves you, the more you’ll probably want to talk