Dog Eat Dog
    An Eskimo owned two husky dogs that he had trained as fighters. As he roamed from village to village he encouraged the locals in Alaska to watch the dogfights he staged. One of the dogs was darker than the other, so he took turns predicting which dog would win each match. Somehow he had the uncanny ability to always pick the winning dog.
    Just before he died, he
finally answered the question he had been asked hundreds of times. “How did you always know which dog would win?”
    At last he revealed his secret. “It was easy,” he said. “The winner was always the dog I was feeding.”
    So it is with sin. Two natures—a sinful nature and a spiritual nature—fight within us. Which nature will win? Whichever nature you are feeding. The places we go, the people we hang out with, the things we watch and listen to can encourage our desire to sin or our desire to follow Jesus.
    Think of some things in your life that could drag you into sin or lift you toward Jesus: