Tom and Jordan knew the rule—stay away from Dad’s classic car. But the folks were gone. And the temptation was too strong.
    “Let’s go play in Dad’s car,” Tom suggested.
    “What if we get caught?” Jordan asked.
    “We won’t. Besides, we’ll just sit in it.”
    Faster than a pace car in the Indy 500, the boys were in Dad’s ’63 Ford Galaxy. Tom steered while Jordan played with
the electric seats.
    “Let’s take it for a run.”
    “But Tom, you don’t know how to drive.”
    “It’s an automatic. It can’t be hard.”
    “But what if . . .”
    Both boys were ready to plunge into temptation when Tom froze. His eyes stared into the rearview mirror. Jordan twirled around and couldn’t believe his eyes.
    Suddenly the temptation of a Sunday cruise was gone! Disobeying Dad’s rule was the furthest thing from their minds.
    What made the difference?
    Simple: the presence of their dad.
    In the same way, living in the presence of Jesus is your only hope to overcome temptation. How does someone live in the presence of Jesus? In the next lesson we’ll discover how you can do it through reading your Bible, prayer, and talking to others about Jesus. But for now, just focus on building your friendship with Jesus—just like you’d build a friendship with the new kid who moved into your neighborhood. Spend time talking with Him and get to know Him through His                                                       (continued on page 8)