2. Read James 4:7. What two things should we do to chase Satan’s temptations away?
 submit to God and resist the devil
 pray and give an offering
 shout and scream
    Do you ever wonder: How can I beat temptation?     Well, as you know, it’s not easy. It’s like the story of a pastor who was asked by a young man, “Pastor, when will I no longer be tempted with wrong thoughts and bad deeds?”
    The pastor replied, “Temptations come to us each day. Sin is when we give in to temptation.”
    The bottom line is this: You can’t trust yourself to conquer temptation. Even after you give your life to Jesus, you’ll still be tempted.
    James 1:13 starts out, “Let no one say when he is tempted . . . ”
    Notice the Bible does not say “if tempted,” but “when tempted.” Scripture assumes that you will be tempted. That’s because the Devil tries hard to snag the friends of Jesus in sin.
3. Read 1 Peter 5:8. What animal is the Devil compared to?
    Next time you face this beast of temptation, run to Jesus. He’s the only One who can help you to resist. A story might help you remember this.