1. Which was NOT one of the temptations Jesus faced?
    worship Satan
    turn stones into gold
    throw Himself down from the temple

Use the questions in parentheses to think about how you may be tempted in a similar way this week.
     a. Verses 2–4   
        (How might my appetite cause me to sin?)
     b. Verses 5–7   
        (Am I ever tempted to show off or to bring glory to
        myself rather than to Jesus? If so, how?)
     c. Verses 8–10  
        (What TV shows, video games, or other forms of
        entertainment might be a method of bowing
        to Satan?)

   Notice that Jesus met every temptation with the same answer: “It is written . . .” Jesus knew the Bible so well that He lived it. We can do the same.
   The key to winning over temptation is to focus your mind on the words of God. An easier way to put it is this: stick close to Jesus.