“But what if we get caught?” Cameron fidgeted as he glanced around the store, trying to spot any security cameras.
   “Don’t be a chicken! I steal stuff from this store all the time. Grab something, and let’s get out of here.”
   Cameron’s heart felt like a bag of banging firecrackers. Cautiously he snagged a chocolate bar, shoved it up his shirt, and raced out the door.
   “See,” Julian bragged as they left the parking lot. “It’s no big deal. I told you we wouldn’t get caught.”
   Cameron wolfed down the candy bar. But for some reason it was the worst tasting candy he’d ever had. Not even the chocolate could sweeten the sour feeling of guilt. Even though Julian assured him again that it was “no big deal,” Cameron knew better.
   “Next time,” he said to himself, “I won’t let Julian talk me into doing what I know to be wrong. I’m not going to fall to temptation.”