Carson discovered this new life. After Carson accepted Jesus, the television programs he watched, the video games he played, and the websites he visitedóall these things began to change. As Carson put it, ďAt my baptism, I handed over the remote control and let Jesus select the programs. Of course, Iím still tempted to mess up. But thanks to Jesus, Iím becoming more like Him.Ē
   Thatís how Jesus changes us from the inside out. As the symbol of baptism suggests, Jesus takes control of your life. He signs on as your closest Friend, and you become a new and clean creation in Christ!
   Itís true. You can believe it. Jesus can make you new from the inside out. Why not choose to follow Him today?
Dear God, Only You can change me from a sinner to a follower of you. I want to be baptized to claim Your power and demonstrate my love for You. In Jesusí name, Amen.
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