during any of my sermons! Candie’s story was sad, yet she spoke with confidence and honesty.
   “But that’s all behind me now,” she continued. “That old person will drown at the bottom of this tank. God tells me that I will rise a new creation. If God’s grace can cover me, then He can save anyone!”
   With that, I momentarily buried Candie under the water, symbolizing Christ’s death. As she exploded out of the water, the church members applauded for five minutes.
   Now since I don’t want you to think Candie’s story is any different than yours or mine, let me remind you that we all come to our baptism as sinners. It is only by God’s cleansing grace that we can find forgiveness and freedom from our sins. All we have to do is acknowledge His grace. And accept His gift.                                                       —Pastor Karl
   Listen to our Friend, Jesus, talk about baptism; it’s clearly important to Him.
3. Find out what Jesus said in Mark 16:16 about the importance of baptism. What does this text say we should do before we are baptized?
   Clearly, being baptized is an important way to show our love for Jesus. It shows that we have died to sin like Jesus died on the cross—and that we are buried as He was buried. It shows that we are washed of sin and rise from the waters empowered to live a new life in Jesus—just as Jesus rose from the dead.