and died for us on a cross. We could never be good enough or do enough nice things to escape the penalty of death. So Jesus took the punishment we deserve!
4. Read Romans 5:8 and fill in the blank:
   Jesus death shows God’s_______________for us.

     In the end, Jesus is the only answer to the question “How can I be saved?” If you want to be sure that you spend eternity in heaven with this same Jesus who died for your sins and loves you so much, you can! It’s as simple as A-B-C.
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A LOT ofGrace
    Douglas Cooper had a dream job for the summer. Some of his friends had a driver’s license; some didn’t. But none of them had a job that actually required them to drive—except Doug. His friends were beside themselves with jealousy.
    Actually, it was his grandfather who gave him the job. Grandpa had started a taxi company in the little town. The business grew, and he bought another car—a brand-new Chevy. “Would you like to be the driver?” he asked Doug.
    Do pigs like to wallow in mud? Is it cold in Alaska? Of course Doug wanted to be the driver!
    Doug determined that he would not put a single scratch or the tiniest dent in Grandpa’s new car. And he didn’t. But before the summer was over, he would have happily traded a good many dents for what actually happened.
    Late one night Doug was returning home from a run. He decided to stop by the lake to check on the family boat. Parking the car so that its lights shone on the dock, Doug left the motor running, got out, and walked down the slope toward the edge of the lake.