Velma never denied her guilt, but instead told a story of childhood abuse and a drug-filled life. After her trial she landed in prison on death row.
    One night a guard was listening to a gospel radio station. Down the hall, desperate and alone in her cell, Velma overheard the words of the evangelist on the radio. She wondered, Can someone as bad as I am really go to heaven someday? How could I ever be saved? Then a miracle happened.
    That night Velma chose to believe in Jesus as her Savior. She wrote, “I had been in and out of churches all my life, and I could explain all about God. But I had never understood that Jesus had died for me.”
    For the next six years Velma told all her cellmates about
her Friend Jesus. As the story of her remarkable change became known, Velma’s cell on death row became a pulpit for God.
    Before her sentence was carried out, Velma wrote to a friend: “. . . I know the Lord will give me dying grace, just as He gave me saving grace, and has given me living grace.”