When Jesus was nailed to the cross he also suffered so we can have freedom from our sins. Jesus will always have the scars. His scars are a reminder for us of Jesus’ love and care for us.
   When we are tempted to do wrong, remember the scars from the nails in Jesus’ hands. When Jesus was nailed to the cross those scars were a bleeding sore. The beautiful news is that you can live forever with Jesus because of His sacrifice for you.
   These ugly sores, reminders of Jesus’ death, bring beautiful news. You see, one day God will decide whether each person will suffer the punishment for sin—death—or will live forever with Him in heaven.

3. According to Acts 16:31, what do we need to do to escape the punishment?
 Live a good life
 Give money to the poor
 Believe in Jesus
    A writer named Brennan Manning tells the heartwarming story of seven-year-old Richard Ballenger in Anderson, South Carolina. It was the day before Christmas. Richie’s mother was busily wrapping some packages and asked her young son if he would please shine her shoes. Soon Richie was finished, and with a proud smile he handed his mother the shoes. They looked like they had been dipped in a bucket of shellac. His mother was so pleased she handed him a quarter.
   On Christmas morning, as Mom put on the shoes to go to church, she felt a strange lump in one shoe.