with pigs. But even more amazing is how God could be so in love with us!
   As we learned in Lesson 1, in the beginning God created a perfect world. There was no pain, death, or sin. It sure isnít like that today! Letís face it: we donít follow Godís original plan for our world or our lives. Some lie, cheat, steal, and say mean things to people. We do lots of other things we are not supposed
to do. We have rebelled.
   How did this rebellion against God get started? Letís figure out what happened.
1. Turn to Genesis at the beginning of your Bible and answer
     the following questions:
     a. At creation, where did God make a garden?
     (Genesis 2:8):
     b. Whom did He put in the garden? (Genesis 2:8):
     c. What was the name of the first man? (Genesis 2:19):
     d. What was the name of the first woman? (Genesis 3:20):