Unfortunately, the pigs didn’t live up to their “perfect pet” reputation.
   The pigs could balloon to ten pounds and often became aggressive. Suddenly scores of people began asking, “What do I do with an unwanted pig?”
   Then some people discovered a solution. They could give their pig to Dale Riffle.
   Dale had been one of the first to jump on the potbellied-pig bandwagon. He owned an animal named Rufus. But like so many of these pigs, Rufus had soon become a nuisance, refusing to use his litter box and developing a craving for carpet, wallpaper, and drywall.
   But Dale loved Rufus too much to get rid of him. So he sold his suburban home and bought a five-acre farm in West Virginia to accommodate Rufus. Before long dozens of people had unloaded their pet pigs on the farm, and Dale found himself living in hog heaven.
   According to U.S. News & World Report, Rufus has been joined by 180 other pigs that snooze on beds of pine shavings, soak in plastic swimming pools, and listen to piped-in classical music.
   Dale told a reporter, “I think we’re all put on earth for some reason, and I guess pigs are my lot in life.”
   It’s hard to imagine how anybody could be so in love