Turn to the very beginning of your Bible. It will say “Genesis” at the top. Read the first verse of chapter one. Then write down in your own words what God did in the beginning.
1. Fill in the blank with the correct word. “In the beginning God ________ the heavens and the earth.”
    Look at creation, and you will see signs of God’s love. That’s because God made it all for you and me. When He
created the world, it was perfect. There was no litter, no sick pets, no death. No one was sad, and there were no problems. (You may be wondering, “What has happened to that perfect world?” Don’t worry— you’ll learn in a future guide who messed it up and what God did about it.)
    You did not come from a monkey or an accidental big bang in the universe. You came from the hand of God. He created you because He loves you and wants to be your Friend and spend time with you.
    Check out the rest of the story in Genesis 1. Write down what God created on each day. Be creative and list something unique if there is more than one possibility. For example, rather than writing that God created “plants” on the third day, say He created a “watermelon.”