walking by noticed their circles. “What are you doing?” they wanted to know. The expression on their faces said, “Tell me you’re kidding!”
   “We’re building the biggest sand castle this beach has ever seen.”
   “Cool! Can we help?”
   Soon someone else stopped to help, and before long whole families joined the fun. Over and over they gave the invitation to those passing by, “Hey, you guys!
Get over here! We’re making the biggest sand castle this beach has ever seen!” Ron’s job quickly changed from worker to construction foreman.
    A man walked up to where they were working, folded his arms, and watched. He had muscles like a bricklayer’s; his butch haircut looked like a welcome mat. “You all need some tools,” he announced, “like a shovel.”
    “Can you bring us one?”
    He returned a few moments later with a driftwood log.
    “I couldn’t find a shovel, but how about this?” He thrust it down repeatedly, breaking up the sand and making it easy to scoop up and move.
    At one point thirty-five people swarmed around the castle like ants repairing their hill. In three hours the mission was accomplished. They all felt proud. Tanya’s smile was so big she could have eaten a banana sideways.