Ron’s family was celebrating the Fourth of July by camping on the Oregon coast. They were delighted that Tanya, a friend from Russia, could join them.
    It was a perfect day. The sand was warm and clean. The waves were as white as polished teeth. The sky looked as if God had spilled a giant bucket of deep blue paint. They felt as though they had fallen into a postcard.
    Then they had this wild idea—to create the biggest sand castle the beach had ever seen.
    “How would we begin with your biggest-sand castle idea?” Tanya asked.
    “Watch this.” Ron marked a huge circle in the sand with his toe. Then he moved out five feet and made a second, even bigger, circle. “Here’s the deal,” he announced. “Let’s dig all the sand from between the circles and throw it into the center. Then we’ll use it to build a giant castle.”
    Tanya grinned. “We could never finish it. It’s too big.”
    “We won’t do it alone.”
    “Who will help us?”
    “I don’t know. Surely somebody will.”
    No sooner had they started digging than a couple